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Guidebook: The Complete Guide to QBRs

Complete Guide to QBRs Guidebook

TopOPPS is excited to bring you our complete guide to having successful Quarterly Business Reviews. This guidebook contains:

  • QBR Definition & Purpose
  • Metrics - Definitions & Applications
  • Checklists
  • Slide Templates for: 
    • Sales Development Representatives
    • Account Executives
    • Sales Leaders

Download the full guidebook and all 3 templates here!

To compliment the Guidebook, consider watching the 30 minute webinar replay:  

Zero Prep Weekly Sales Forecast Calls and QBRs

This webinar will focus on the management cycle, key weekly monthly and quarterly meetings and content to optimize results.  In this webinar we will focus on:   

  • Three things to focus on for effective sales forecast calls
  • Key metrics to present in QBR's to succinctly present results from the previous quarter and forecasted outcomes for the current quarter 
  • How 1:1s, weekly forecast calls and QBRs fit into your overall sales management
  • Key uses for predictive analytics for sales
  • How to leverage technology to require zero preparation by sales reps and sales management for weekly forecast calls and quarterly business reviews.

Watch Webinar Replay