Introducing Buyer Team Tracking

ZoomInfo and TopOPPS partner to solve pipeline data's biggest challenge 

Now sales teams can automatically capture contacts on opportunities for all members of the buying team, ensure sales reps are calling the right titles in their deals, and determine which campaigns are producing the best leads for the sales team to close. The time has come for Sales + Marketing to finally align!

Real-time visibility and tracking of buying team with artificial intelligence: 

Identify Buying Team

  • TopOPPS identifies key contacts and roles in the buying group. SiriusDecisions calls this the Demand Unit. Gartner says buying groups typically consist of 12.5 members. Activity and strategy is different in how you interact and win the confidence of each member of the buying team.  

Enrich buying team information on opportunities

  • Enriching Opportunity with buying team sales intelligence
  • Opportunities are easily enriched with email addresses, titles, phone numbers and other key contact information.  This sales intelligence data provides context to signals for the AI to interpret winning activity with different roles.  


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Guide winning strategies with buying group

  • TopOPPS+ZoomInfo works together to provide visibility and compliance on opportunities to ensure the proper winning activities occur with the right person at the right time.    

Opportunity validation

  • TopOPPS+ZoomInfo will provide signals for readiness and continuous qualification throughout the sales cycle by analyzing sentiment and activity with the appropriate roles.

Opportunity Strategy

  • With all of the compliance tracked with artificial intelligence across the buying team - more time can be spent winning (not just selling) opportunities.  Managers and reps can focus on what matters - how to win and not be bogged down with low-value activity to track procedure.
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