Pipeline Management Strategy for More Wins

TopOPPS + Outreach Deal Scoring

Mark Kosoglow and Jim Eberlin teamed up to present a how-to webinar called Work Your Deals, Not Your CRM to show sales leaders how to eliminate the burden of CRM compliance on reps so they can reinstate the strategic (and fun) part of selling! This article summarizes the necessary steps discussed on the webinar.

 Opportunities need to have the next meeting on the books.  Sales reps would love to have reminders of the proper next step to get a meeting - based on the situation with each deal.  Having to figure next steps takes away from the rep’s available time to figure out how to make the next step successful.
The recipe for proper opportunity execution and how to measure it: 
Rep Execution: Prospect / Customer Intent:
  • Are the appropriate emails and calls happening since the last meeting?
  • Are these emails and calls with the appropriate role (Ex. VP, Analyst, Business Unit, IT, Finance etc.) at this stage?
  • How long ago was the last email and/or call to the prospect?
  • How long since the last meeting from this company?
  • How long since the last email from or call (Inbound) with this company?
  • Is the next meeting scheduled?
Use TopOPPS + Outreach to automatically get the answers to these questions. See the examples below:
Scenario 1: Lewis & Company
Somewhat healthy but not great. The sales rep is on it but appears he/she could be more aggressive.
Scenerio 1
Scenario 2: Benchmark Corp.
Rep is fooling themselves - there was a recent meeting but otherwise, the prospect doesn't seem engaged and rep is not working to get them back on the books. 
Scenario 3: Lincoln Group
Rep is on the ball in all areas with a fast-moving deal.
Scenario 4:  American Systems
Opportunity is on its deathbed - no activity, no meetings, nothing prompting the sales rep to act.