Tune into this webinar to hear how the famous VP of Sales at Outreach, Mark Kosoglow, cuts out ALL the low-value, time-sucking tasks of a sales organization so he has more time for the fun stuff... strategizing to win deals!  Mark leads a fast-and-furiously growing sales team - and as Outreach's first ever employee, it has been his job to make pipeline management effective and repeatable. Hear how Mark has built his process to free up time for reps and managers to be more strategic and focused on winning more deals!

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In this webinar, Mark and Jim will reveal:

  • How to overcome process compliance issues to become more strategically effective with your reps - Never ask"when's your next meeting?" ever again!
  • Determine how to identify hot deals (and deals going south) with Mark's real-life opportunity scoring scenarios! 
  • The revenue impact of Outreach's disciplined process since eliminating low-value activity

SNEAK PEAK! You will see how the Outreach + TopOPPS integrations are working together to ensure sales reps are 100% focused on the right deals and give confidence to managers that no deal is left unworked! 

Mark Kosoglow

Mark Kosoglow

Vice President of Sales, Outreach.io 

As a teenager, watching 14 videos in the back storeroom on a 7" black and white TV to learn how to sell shoes at the mall was a great foundation. Running a small business with 200+ employees taught me how to be organized. Creating a highly profitable sales territory from one dead for a decade was hard work. Managing 12 salespeople across 9 states cemented my sales philosophy. Building a sales team with, by far, the best, smartest, hardest working people I've ever worked with....well, that's an honor and privilege I get to enjoy every day.

Jim Eberlin pic 2

Jim Eberlin,

Founder & CEO, TopOPPS

Jim Eberlin is the founder and CEO of TopOPPS.  Prior to TopOPPS, Jim founded two Silicon Valley market leaders, Gainsight (#48 on Inc. 5000) and Host Analytics (market leader for cloud-based finance).  TopOPPS is a sales pipeline management and forecast predictability solution that uses artificial intelligence to bring clarity to the sales pipeline, accuracy to the forecast, and alignment to the sales process.  Jim has had a long successful career as a serial entrepreneur in the software industry.